About Carol Anne Murdock


A lifelong passion to heal


 Carol's metaphysical journey began around age 13 when she became  entranced by the concept of reincarnation. Three years later in South  Africa, her younger brother came down with a case of shingles, and  traditional medicine was not helping. When a "laying of hands" by a  local healer cured him by the next morning, Carol was blown away and a  seed was planted. She prayed every night for months that she would have  the ability to help others.
As a young adult, in a chance encounter with a charismatic minister, she  was told that she was in fact destined to become a spiritual healer -  and within six months that is exactly what she was doing. 


Coming to America - the dream begins to manifest.


 As a new resident of Fort Lauderdale and  attendee at the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida, Carol began to  participate in healing circles. It didn't take long before her skills  were recognized and she was asked to help others - not surprising, with  positive feedback. 

Taking the next step, Carol was attuned as a Reiki Master in 2001.


Hand in Hand with Mental Health Community

 While working full time in Medical Records department at the  Recovery Institute, once again Carol was called upon to share her  talents.
She started out using Reiki to help the staff with minor headaches and  stiff necks and such, and before long was melding her metaphysical  healing skills with the traditional psychology and psychiatry of the  institute.
Carol designed a series of classes that included Meditation, The 9  Energy Systems of the Body, Working with your Chakra's, Meridians,  Pressure Points and EFT Tapping. During the 5 years that she was with  Recovery Institute she conducted classes, as well as individual  sessions, helping to balance and aid mental health patients of all  types, including alcoholics and addicts. 




When it calls, you come


In 2018, after five years of coursework in  Metaphysical Studies and Spiritual Healing at United Metaphysical  Churches in Roanoke, VA. Carol was ordained a Minister of the Gospel of  Divine Metaphysics, also earning Spiritual Healing and Metaphysical Teacher Certifications.

Back in Fort  Lauderdale she served as Director of Healing, Acting Treasurer, and Vice  President on the Board of Directors at the Metaphysical Chapel of South  Florida.


Teacher, Healer, Counselor, Minister


Carol now offers healing through Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Acupressure and Pastoral Counseling.

Carol  has founded Metaphysical Healing Arts as a channel for continuing this  rewarding work. She is dedicated to using her wide range of healing  gifts and knowledge to serve the mental health community in S Florida,  offering both group and individual sessions.