Metaphysical Theology

Metaphysical means beyond the physical, beyond the third dimension.

What is Divine Metaphysics?

Divine Metaphysics is a Science, Philosophy and Religion, which accepts the existence of an Infinite Intelligence. It practices and teaches the spiritual truths recorded in the Holy Bible and other Sacred Scriptures, as revealed in the life and teaching  of Jesus and other Holy Avatars of God.

Paramount among the spiritual truths is the fact that life is continuous. The change called death is merely a rebirth into a world of higher vibration. This truth is proven through communication, by means of mental and physical mediumship, with loved ones and teachers who live in the spirit world.

Each individual is encouraged to worship God according to the dictates of his or her own conscience.

As a Science

Divine Metaphysics searches for, investigates and analyzes the principles of life on earth and in spirit. It seeks to clarify and classify demonstrations of spiritual and psychic skills.

As a Philosophy

Divine Metaphysics studies human character, the processes of the mind, and the nature of our relationship with others. It studies the laws of nature as they pertain to the seen and unseen expressions of life, and bases its conclusions upon observed facts. It emphasizes right living and personal responsibility.

As a Religion

Divine Metaphysics offers an understanding of the Prime Source of the universe, which is God Power and an understanding of Natural and Spiritual Law. Alignment with these laws is the highest form of cooperation and co-creation with Prime Source. Most importantly, it teaches one how to unite with the powers of the universe to further humankind's progress as well as one's own.